DIY Fluffy Slime!

My sisters and I decided to make some slime. We have been watching a ton of YouTube videos and wanted to make some. The ingredients you will need are as follows for Fluffy slime are:

*White or Clear Glue

* Shaving Cream

* Contact Solution or Borox, or Tide

* Food coloring or Paint


* Cornstarch

*and then anything you want to add to it such as foam beads, sequins, beads, fake snow

* Mixing Bowl

* Something to mix it with

Once you have all your ingredients together you can follow the easy steps below.

  1. Pour your glue into a bowl ( We used about 5oz of glue)22879070_10154786312601607_15006245_o
  2. Add your shaving cream and mix the glue and shaving cream together, it should look like whip cream texture.22906390_10154786312756607_114970654_o
  3. Add your coloring either paint or food color to your desired color.22878996_10154786312741607_878837224_o
  4. Mix together the paint, you can also add in some scent now too if you like. Add in a pitch of cornstarch too and stir.22882607_10154786312746607_1105065795_o
  5. Once you have that all mixed it is time to add your contact solution, You want to add only a little bit at a time till it is the texture of slime. Leave it a little sticky so you can add your glitter and other items to it then.22882529_10154786313456607_1167674389_o
  6. Now that you have your slime all mixed up it is time to add the glitter and anything else you want added, pour your glitter into the middle of your slime, then carefully fold over the slime on top of it till it is all mixed in.22882503_10154786312671607_1553153232_o
  7. Once everything is mixed and you have slime all that is left is to have fun and enjoy it! Stretch it, poke it, play with it!

This is a super easy and fun project to do with children or even by yourself! There are so many other different types of slime you can do but we wanted to do the Fluffy Slime. Here is a short video of me playing with the slime.–o&

I hope you enjoy making your own slime. Feel free to comment with your pictures if you decided to make some too, I would love to see them!




LuckyFine Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

I was not a huge fan of the Luckyfine Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste. You get a 4.2oz tube of toothpaste. When it arrives, it is sealed so you do have to open it once you take off the lid, then replace the lid and squeeze some onto your toothbrush. It comes out more of a gray color instead of black. It has a minty taste to it so you do not taste the charcoal at all. It was just like a normal toothpaste, but I felt like it didn’t clean/whiten my teeth as much as some others have. I enjoyed the flavor though!

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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LEPO Soft Powerful Cordless Wand Massager

I decided to try out this Lepo Soft Powerful Cordless Wand Massager. In the package you get the following:



*Black Storage Bag



Now there are many ways you can use this. It can be used as an Adult toy, you can use it to relieve pain by massaging the muscle aches, or use it on your back and neck as a massager. You can get the wand in two colors either pink or purple. I ended up getting it in pink. It is a very vibrant pink and on the bottom has a clear pink. It is made of a medical soft, flexible silicone. It did come charged already, but it is recommend you charge it all the way before using it. It has a total of 7 different settings, but I must admit, they were not very powerful at all. I wish it would be more powerful. The best part is, that it is WATERPROOF! But I wouldn’t immerse it fully into the water. If you are going to use it as an adult toy please make sure you wash it with at least soap and water before using it. Then wash it after using it and let it air dry before putting it away. Over all it is a great wand, but it is not very powerful.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Temporary Silver Grey Hair color Wax

Thinking about coloring your hair gray, or wanting to be an elderly person for Halloween? Then you should try this Temporary Silver Grey Hair Color wax. You get a 4oz container filled to the top with this grey wax. It is not sticky and doesn’t have a bad smell, smells actually very refreshing. You do not need to use a lot as it does go a long way. So just put some into your palm and rub it into your hair using your fingertips until you got the desired look you want. It stays in your hair until you wash it out and it easily comes out with shampoo. In my picture you can see just how well it covers dark hair too!

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LuckyFine Stainless Steel 2 Care Kit

You can never have too many manicure and blackhead tools. In this set you get Manicure scissors and a Blackhead acne tool. They both came individually wrapped then in a bigger bag together. They come with little plastic shields covering them, so you don’t get hurt, you have to remove these in order to use the tools. The blackhead tool has a very sharp curved end on it, so that you can dig the blackhead out and easy to grab it. The scissors are not too sharp, but sharp enough that they can cut your cuticles. They are both stainless steel and very light weight to hold. They are great to carry with you on the good or to leave them at home. They work very well.


My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

I have always wanted to try the activated charcoal teeth whitening powder. With this set you get a container of the powder, a soft bristle toothbrush and 50 piece set of floss sticks in a sealed container. To use it you have to wet the toothbrush then dip it into the powder.


Here is my before picture.


You brush your teeth for 2 minutes with it, spitting it out every so often, the recommend to spit into a cup then flush it down the toilet, but I just spit into the sink and washed it down that way. The first thing I noticed was that there was no taste to the powder which I was glad for. It wasn’t really gritty but it did have a texture to it. It turn my mouth black so make sure once you are done, to brush your teeth normal so that you can get all the blackness off your teeth.


You only need to use a little powder as it goes along way. Once done make sure you rinse your toothbrush off then let it air dry so you can use it again. I have been using it for a few days now and I am  loving it! I can’t wait to see results after a while.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Exwell Digital LCD Auto Ranging Multimeter

This is a very nice sturdy Digital Multimeter. It is the color red and black and comes with the battery and 2 sets of test leads that you need. It also comes in a very nice black storage case to hold it it that has a zipper on the side. The screen is a very nice size so you can see the text excellent. This is very handy to carry with you anywhere, you never know when you might need it. The only issue I was having was every time I go to close the case it always turns it on. It did take me a little bit to learn how to use but the instructions helped a lot. This  would actually make a great gift for a man in your life.


My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Men and Woman

Since I had Gastric Sleeve surgery, my hair has been getting super thin and falling out. I do take biotin Daily, but I wanted to try something else too, so I decided to try Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for men and woman. It is suppose to help strengthen hair follicles to help make your hair grow. It helps restore dull and fine hair with some nice shine to it. When I opened it, the first thing I noticed was the smell, it didn’t really have a great smell to it, but I wanted to still try it. The formula is a light brownish color. I only used a quarter size amount, it did suds up pretty nicely. I massaged it into my scalp really well, let it sit for about 3 minutes then rinsed it out. I haven’t really noticed much with using it yet, but I look forward to hoping it helps a little. It does make your hair feel super clean which I love!


My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Foot Peel Mask

I have bought many different foot peel mask over the last few years, and most of them did not work at all, now that being said, I am in love with this Foot Peel Mask! To start off you get two pairs in the box for $14.99 which is great so you have another pair to use at another time, or you could let someone else use it. I gave one pair to my sister and I kept a pair. They have a lavender scent, that isn’t too strong, but still smells nice. When you open the packet, the booties are together, so you have to take a scissor and cut them apart, this opens up the top so you can slide your foot into it.22641787_10154765523401607_1457200743_o 22641711_10154765523006607_2088876928_o

Once you have your foot inside the booties,there is a little sticky part that you use to close it tightly around your ankle.22662459_10154765522921607_679226861_o

I massaged my feet a little bit to make sure that the stuff got all over my feet. You have to leave them on for 60-90 minutes. I would recommend not getting up and walking around while it is on your feet, I tried and slipped. After I took them off I washed my feet again and put some socks on.


My sister and I both  noticed our feet peeling about 2 days after using the product. If you do not continue to wash your feet/soak them everyday for a little bit it will take a little longer to finish the whole process. But make sure if you are walking around barefoot that you keep your feet clean and dry.

Then after about 4 days it was really starting to peel. It was so relaxing to peel it off and see the results after all that dead skin is gone.


Overall I am really surprised and excited to find a cheaper version of baby feet that actually works and fits my budget! If you ever wanted to try the foot peeling but didn’t want to spend a lot of money, check this brand out. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Kinrex Halloween pumpkin Carving Tools

When Halloween comes around, it is usually very hard to find a good set of Pumpkin Carving Tools. So I found the Kinrex Halloween pumpkin Carving Tools on Amazon. You get a set of 11 different tools, but you actually get 21 different tools since they are double sided. They are metal and wood and very comfortable to hold in your hand for a bit of time while you crave the pumpkin. Which is very nice and won’t break easy. You can wash them with soap and water and then let them air dry. They are recommended for children 9+ but they are not too sharp, so a younger child could use them with the help of an adult. We had a blast using all the fun tools. The carving tool was the best, it was so easy to carve words into the pumpkin with it. The knife worked very well to cut out the pumpkin. Pictures Below.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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