6 Amazing Glitter Goo Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t love glitter goo??? These made the perfect gift for my niece’s Easter Basket. She loves playing with Goo, slime and all that fun stuff. You get 6 cute little Eggs filled with the different color goo inside. The goo is a perfect consistency, it is not too running and not to stiff. After letting it warm up a bit inside the palm of your hand, you are able to easily stretch and play with the goo. The goo has no scent to it either which is nice. Also, the glitter does not rub off onto your hands, it stays inside the goo only. I really like these eggs, they are definitely worth checking out.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

Buy Here: Easter Goo


2018 MLB Donruss Baseballl Cards Factory Sealed Panini Retail Box!

These are the perfect gift for any baseball card collector! You get 7 packs of 8 cards sealed inside the box for a total of 56 cards per box!! They are all brand new 2018 cards as well. This will make any collector or child happy! There are even blaster cards included. Such a great price for a nice high-quality set of cards. You should definitely check them out.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

Buy Here: 2018 Baseball Cards

Master Toys Super Bang 2 Cap Pistol

I remember playing with these when I was younger, so I was so excited to get them again and play with them. So you get 2 cap guns and 2 ring caps in this package. They are super easy and fun to use. You pull the little orange level and it releases the cap where you put the rings inside. The guns are a nice orange color. They are very lightweight. I love playing with them. Brings back childhood memories.

Buy Here: Master Toys Super Bang 2 Cap Pistol

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

Oil Painting Deluxe Art Set

This is a must have paint set for anyone who loves to paint. You get a total of 51 items for a low price. In the set you get the following:

* 25 Paint Brushes

* 24 Oil Paints

* 1 Canvas

* 1 Palette

Everything is of great quality. The paint brushes do not lose their bristles, they stay together nicely. The paint is much like more expensive paint which is awesome too. You get plenty of paint so you will have leftover paint so you could buy another canvas and make something else. I decided to let my niece paint a picture for her nana. I put a tiny bit of paint onto the palette and gave her a few different paint brushes to use. She was having a blast! Overall, we had a lot of fun creating a picture for nana. I highly recommend this set for everyone!

Buy here: https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Oil-Painting-Set-Supplies/dp/B0781346C3

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Bachelorette Party Favors Glass Shot Glasses

Know someone getting married?? Then you should check out these Bachelorette shot glasses. They come in a set of 6 shot glass. They are a tough, durable glass, so they shouldn’t break easily. There are three different sets to pick from. You can order the “I was sober”, “Bottoms Up” and “Married Soon”. I ordered the “I was sober” ones. The glasses are not a solid clear color, they are more like a smokey white color. The text on the cups are sealed nicely on them so they will not wash off when you go to wash the shot glass. The best part about it is that they are dishwasher safe!!!

Buy them here:  Shot Glasses

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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90 Count Bulk Plastic Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t need easter eggs? I order this set of empty Easter eggs. You get a total of 90 eggs in the package. They come in multiple colors such as Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue, Orange and Green and the colors are very vibrant. The eggs are on the smaller size, they are not huge but they are perfect for those Easter egg hunts. They snap together pretty good, I would maybe put a piece of clear tape on them just to keep them together better if you do use them for an Easter egg hunt with items in them.  Overall they are great little eggs.

Buy them here: Eggs

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BUNNY RABBIT Crystal Pendant in Figural Gift Box

I got this cute little bunny necklace for my niece’s Easter Basket. It comes in a cute fuzzy little pink bunny box. And when you open it up you can see the necklace. The necklace is a bunny with a little gem in his belly. It is pretty durable and looks very nicely made. It would look super cute in an Easter basket.

Buy it here:  Bunny Necklace

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3 Pack Bundle – Artificial Snow Insta-Snow Powder

I live in Pennsylvania, so I sure do see a lot of snow. But when it is summer or even winter and you do not have snow but want to play with some this instant snow is perfect for that! It is super easy to make too and it comes with tons of the snow powder so you can make it over and over again a few times. In this set, you get 3 big tubes of the instant snow. The directions are very simple to read and all you need is water.  You fill the blue cap of the tub up with the instant snow powder and place into a bowl, Then fill the clear tube full with water, add the water slowly to the powder and watch the snow come to life! It’s that easy! It is super fun to play with, it even has a cold feeling to it as you are playing with it. When you are finished and don’t know what to do with the snow, you can make some slime with it! It makes for a really cool slime.

Buy it here: Instant Snow

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Easter Egg and Bunny Rabbit Liquid Wave Paperweight Desk Toy

When I saw this it brought me back to when I was younger, I remember playing with one of these, I never knew what it actually was for until I got older. But I got this Easter egg bunny one. It is super cute, the water inside of it is a light purple. It is very light but will hold paper or anything down if you use it for that. It also makes for a great toy for a child to play with or just a decoration. It would make a great Easter gift for a teacher to use on their desk!

Buy it here: Easter Paperweight

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Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Metallic Jewelry Temporary Tattoo Kits

These have to be the cutest Elsa and Anna tempory tattoos I have ever seen! They are perfect for children and adults. They are such beautiful metallic colors that pop out very nice. When you order them you get two sets, one of Elsa and one of Anna. They are very easy to apply to your skin, Just use a damp washcloth and hold it onto the back of the tattoo. Make sure you do not use too much water or it will not work. I made that mistake. Overall these are awesome and would make great Easter Basket gifts.

Buy them here: Elsa and Anna

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