Kinrex Halloween pumpkin Carving Tools

When Halloween comes around, it is usually very hard to find a good set of Pumpkin Carving Tools. So I found the Kinrex Halloween pumpkin Carving Tools on Amazon. You get a set of 11 different tools, but you actually get 21 different tools since they are double sided. They are metal and wood and very comfortable to hold in your hand for a bit of time while you crave the pumpkin. Which is very nice and won’t break easy. You can wash them with soap and water and then let them air dry. They are recommended for children 9+ but they are not too sharp, so a younger child could use them with the help of an adult. We had a blast using all the fun tools. The carving tool was the best, it was so easy to carve words into the pumpkin with it. The knife worked very well to cut out the pumpkin. Pictures Below.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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DIY Stress Ball

Materials Needed:

Clear Balloons

Sensory water beads


16 oz empty water bottle



  1. Grab the biggest bowl you can find, in my case, I used a huge pot that we have. You are going to add 3 tablespoons of the beads to 9 cups of water, if you want to make a smaller batch you can do 1 tablespoon of beads to 3 cups of water. Let them soak in the water for 4-8 hours22425883_10154747973146607_1716974224_o
  2. Once all the water is soaked up, you are going to fill a 16 oz water bottle to the top with the beads.22425841_10154747973106607_270656938_o
  3. Add a little water to the bottle so that the beads stay moist and wont shrink down.22425884_10154747972916607_1972741889_o
  4. Next grab your balloon and blow it up a little, pitch it off, holding the air in the balloon and careful stretch the end of the balloon onto the water bottle.22426034_10154747972851607_706448526_o
  5. Squeeze the water bottle so that all the beads enter the balloon, once it is filled slowly let out the extra air and tie off the balloon22429132_10154747972701607_1784922853_o22449470_10154747972511607_700900537_o
  6. Squeeze, squish and play with the sensory ball.22450801_10154747972346607_969795174_o

I made one for my niece but instead of using the balloon, I just kept the beads in the water bottle. So she can’t pop it.


Bowoo Cut Resistant Gloves

Have you ever been cutting food and cut your hand? Well now you do not have to worry about that. I ordered these Bowoo cut resistant gloves from Amazon in size medium and they fit me perfect. They are different colors of gray. They are super light weight and comfortable when wearing them. What I like about them is that they are not too thick but thick enough that you can’t cut your hands. My hands didn’t sweat wearing them either which was nice. You can machine wash the glove, and just let air dry completely then reuse them. They also offer a 100% Risk free purchase which is nice and means they stand behind their product, You should check them out!

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

cut resistant gloves.png

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Blackhead Mask – 3 STEP KIT Blackhead Remover Mask

I never tried a 3 step kit for blackhead remover. So I wanted to try this one. What I did first was washed my face, then put a warm towel over my nose for 2 minutes to let it open up my pores, then I put the 1 step onto a cotton pad and let it sit on my nose for another 2 minutes, this helped open the pores even more, After that I then put the step 2 onto my nose, which is the black mask. I put a thin layer on, I should have made it a little thicker because when it finally dried it was kind of hard to peel it off because it was so thin, it just kept crumbling. But after it dried I peeled it off then used the step 3. I did the same almost as the first step, I put some on the cotton pad and rubbed it onto my nose. My nose felt so clean and smooth after the treatment. It was hard to tell if it worked as it was too thin and it crumbled, but I’m going to try again with a thicker layer. Over all though I really like the three step system.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

3 step blackhead removal.png

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JaRu Metallic Lab Putty 3-Pack

I love putty, play dough or anything like that. I am a big kid at heart. In this set you get a pack of 3 metallic putty in little tin cans. I got the colors, Green, orange and blue in mine.The putty is a little hard at first but as you work it in your warm hands it gets softer and you can mold and play with it. You can stretch it, tear it and sculpt it. It’s a lot of fun, It does come with a few body parts such as eyes, nose, hands, feet and a hat so that you can make monsters, people or anything out of it. Then when you are finished playing with it, you can place it back into the tin can to play with it over and over again. I love it, it’s a great way to destress.


My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Y.F.M Bamboo Charcoal Mask for Blackhead

I love doing face masks. They help me relax and feel refreshed. I have been looking for a good Charcoal mask to help remove blackheads that actually worked. Then I found this one. To use you have to clean your face, then use a wet warm cloth on your face for 2-3 minutes to help open your pores, then put a thing layer of the black mask onto your face, it goes on and rubs onto your face nice and smooth, it comes with a little tool you can use to help put it onto your face, but I just used my finger it worked better. I left it on my face to dry for about 20 minutes, then started to peel it off from top to bottom. I used a tweezer to help start to peel it then just pulled it with my fingers. It did hurt a little but not as bad as others have. I just figured I know its working my pores since it hurts to come off. Over all I love this face mask and will buy it again. It worked very well.

black mask.png

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Can Opener

This can opener couldn’t have came at a better time. I needed a new one. The can opener is stainless steel, No-rust with anti slip hand grip. It is silver with red handles. It comes with a magnetic on it so you can use it to lift the lid off without cutting your fingers, and no more having to use a butter knife to get the lid out. But what I did was I use the magnetic and stuck the can opener onto my refrigerator so I would always know where it is. IT also comes with 2 built in beer bottle openers on it. The best part about it is that you can put it in the dishwasher to get it clean, no more dirty can opener because you are afraid to wash it due to rusting. This one will not rust, you can wash it over and over again. The can opener comes with a lifetime guarantee too, so put it to work and see how great it last. I did notice it did have a bit of some weight to it, it’s not as light as others, but it works so much better. It cuts the can so nicely, no need to push down hard on it to cut. Overall, I am totally in love with this can opener, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a heavy duty can opener that will last you awhile.


My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

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Rebecca’s Weight Loss Journey

So this will be my first blog post about my weight loss journey. So please bear with me, it may be a little long. I started my journey in August 2016. After my father passed away in September 2014, I gained a lot of weight, I have always been very big, but I gained even more then.I made a promise to myself that I was going to take care of myself and be around for my family. Then In September 2015 we found out my little sister Amanda was going to be a mother. I was finally going to have a niece! I was so excited. At this point it was hard for me to work, doing what I love to do teaching children, I couldn’t walk much, didn’t want to leave my house because I was ashamed of the way I looked. I spent all my time in my room on my computer. How was I going to be able to play with my nice?? That is when it hint me and I had to do something about this, I didn’t want to live like this anymore. If I don’t change the way I am living, I will not be around long to see my nice grow up, work again or do anything I loved to do. I couldn’t deal with that so I made the first step in my journey and attended a weight loss surgery class.

My sister Audrey and I decided after that class that this is something we want to do and to do it together so we can support each other. August came and we had our first weigh in. I was so disgusted and shocked with my how much I weighed. So I listened to everything the doctor said and began my journey of losing weight, I started watching what I was eating, getting more protein, Cutting out sugar and Soda. And lost around 15-20 pounds before surgery which was Awesome. With my Insurance I had to do a 6 month program, get weighed every month and follow their diet, take a few group classes, see a nutritionist and psychologist. I picked Dr. Harrison in Lehigh valley to do my surgery, he had taken my gallbladder out years ago and is an awesome doctor, so I knew right away I wanted him again. I ended up scheduling Surgery for April 3, 2017.


Leading up to my surgery date of course I was very scared, anything could happen during surgery, but I thought to myself if I don’t get the surgery the same thing could happen..Death. So I went on with it. Couldn’t hardly sleep that night but woke up bright an early, had to be at the hospital at 5am. I was excited and nervous all at the same time, but I had my mother and sister Kati along with me. They helped keep me calm. After getting all set up with iv and everything I needed, I would my cap on and laid there till they came and got me. When it was time for me to go in, they came to the room and talked to me first, they did say I was a high risk surgery which I knew due to weight and other things, but they were going to take the bet care of me. I said my goodbyes to my sister and mom and was wheeled down the hall and into the operation room. On the way down they did give me something to calm me because they saw I was very scared, Once in the room there was about 10 people there staring at me, moving me to the table, hooking me up to everything and so on. Soon as I got onto the table, the put me under right away so I wouldn’t stress anymore. Next thing I know I am waking up in recovery.

Once in recovery I was there for about 2 hours. I expressed some very  painful things, like gas in the chest, I literally thought I was dying, I couldn’t catch my breath at all, but they just kept calming me down and helping me through it. Once it was finally out I felt much better and was then wheeled to my room in the special WLS Area. The nurses were so nice, I loved everything single one of them. I was having some issues with breathing so I was on oxygen almost my whole time there and every time I would stand up, my blood pressure would sky rocket so I wasn’t allowed to get up out of bed as much as I would like. I was only given light pain meds, because I wasn’t in too much pain, kind of reminded me of having my gallbladder out again. The next day they finally took me off oxygen and I was able to get up and walk and leave the hospital. In the hospital I was on an all liquid diet and that is what I came home with too. A few days after surgery, I wasn’t able to keep anything down at all, not even water. And I was throwing up so much, even threw up a little blood and my mom ended up taking me back to the hospital, I was admitted after a long night in the ER. They didn’t have any rooms, so I spent the night in an empty er room, then transferred to a waiting are for a room, then later that day I was finally given an actual room, when I spent the night. The pain was so bad, they were giving me morphine for the few days I was there. They did a bunch of test including a swallow test to make sure nothing was leaking out of my pouch and didn’t really see anything, they think maybe I twisted wrong and pulled some muscles or something. I was then discharged because I was finally able to actually eat and drink again and could be back on normal pain medicine.

I went for my two week check up and had lost 30 pounds already. I was so shocked! Towards the end of April finally all my pain went away and I was able to do whatever I wanted and was finally able to eat soft foods. Its been a challenge trying to find out what my pouch likes and doesn’t like, so far I know I can not eat Tuna or Steak, I throw up every time from that. But Everything has been perfect since then, I was regretting getting the surgery when I was going through all the issues, but I would never not do it, I was just in so much pain and at that time that is how I felt. I feel so much better, have lots of energy and I am able to actually walk further without having to sit and catch my breath. I enjoy to go walking and out shopping now. I have so much more confidence now. As of September 21, 2017 I have lots 106. 2 Pounds!!!! I still have a long road ahead of me, but I can’t wait to make it to the end of the road. I have the most amazing friends and family supporting me. Without them I don’t think I would have gotten through it. I will be doing monthly updates here on my blog, and hopefully I can finally post some full body pictures, still a little nervous about that.

If you made it to the end of this, thank you so much for reading it all. I’m currently trying to enroll back into college and hopefully be able to start looking for work again, now that I am able to work.


Face to Face September

KINREX Unicorn Wig

I love unicorns so when I saw this KINREX Unicorn Wig, I just knew I had to have it. The wig fits kids, teens and adults. It comes with a unicorn horn and glitter ears, glued to the top of the wig. The wig is beautiful vibrant colors of blue, pink and purple. The horn and ears are silver. I wore it around my house for a little bit and it did not get itchy on my head at all like some wigs can. It is very comfortable and stays in place. This wig is perfect for Halloween or even just to wear for fun. I must say my niece was not a big fan of it on my head though, she kept saying no and ripping it off. But she was fine with it when it was off my head. I really like this wig. #AD #KINREX #Unicorn

unicorn wig.jpg

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Free Coupon for Enlightened Ice Cream

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I love the Halo Top Ice Cream but this Ice cream is very good too. If you are looking to still eat Ice cream but watch your weight give it a try. You can get a coupon for a free pint by clicking here and filling out the information. It will be shipped to your house.

Please note: one (1) offer per household, no duplicate entries will be honored. Available while supplies last. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.