Usually I don’t find many pet stuff to review so I was super excited to finally find a toy for my dog! My dogs name is Chewy and he is very spoiled, he is more a family member than a pet. So I wanted to spoil him and get him a new toy. That is when I came across the KINREX Duck squeaky pet chew toy for him. Soon as I saw it was a duck I had to get since my favorite animal is a duck. The duck is 7.5 inches tall, it is a bright yellow latex material. When you squeeze it, it does squeak which my dog loves. Most toys we give my dog are destroyed within minutes from him and unfortunately  that was the same for the duck, he chewed right through the feet just to get the squeaker out of it. He goes crazy over squeaky toys and aims to destroy them till he gets it out. Even though the duck is still missing feet and does not squeak anymore, he still loves to play with it. So if you are looking for a nice quality inexpensive toy for you pet I would check this out. Super cute.

Duck dog toy.jpg


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