As a preschool teacher I just knew I needed this Crystal Hollow Fossil Collection. It includes 12 very large, not small at all Specimens. They include the following:

* Turritella

* Wood(petrified)

* Algae

* Brachiopod

* Gastropod

* Trilobite

*Shark Teeth

* Ammonite

* Crinoid Stem

* Dinosaur Bone

* Horn Coral

* Sand Dollar

They come in little zip lock baggies with an information card inside them. The card includes facts like, what period the item is from where to find them and much more. The best part is that they are not glued to the card, so you are able to open the baggy and take the specimen out of the bag and touch and look closer at it. These would make great gifts for anyone.  I highly recommend these to everyone and teachers, they are a great addition to the classroom or even just at home. You will not be disappointed in them.


My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.


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