I go through a lot of cotton pads for cleaning my face or applying makeup so I was super excited to try the AnnaLisa Organic Cotton Rounds. You get 3 packs of 80 that total 240 cotton pads in one pack. Each pack comes separate with a little drawstring that you can pull tight so that they will not fall out. The cotton pads are made with 100% Organically grown virgin cotton, they are extremely soft. They are about 2 inches long. They are super strong and can uphold to a lot of use. I use a lot of face cleaner on the pads and they do not shed or tear. They super soft on my face. There are so many uses for them such as wiping your face clean, removing nail polish, applying and removing makeup, cleaning up a cut or scratch, and so many more. I am super happy with these and will buy them again.

They also have the plain AnnaLisa Premium Cotton Rounds, that are basically the same thing, but they are not Organic. They still feel and work the same way as the Organic ones. I will leave their link below too.





Ive never tried Argan Oil Cotton Pads before so when I came across the AnnaLisa brand I knew I just had to try them. I am in love with anything Argan Oil, it is super good for your hair, face and so much more. You get a total of 120 pads in 3 separate packages that have a cute little drawstring on the top to pull tight so they do not fall out of the bag. The cotton pads have a smooth side and then a rough side for deep cleaning of the face. They are 100% pure combed cotton made in Italy. You can use the cotton pads to remove makeup and nail polish, to apply astringent, lotion and much more. They can also be used to help clean a cut or scrap. I really love the feeling that the cotton pads leave on your face, they are amazing quality and do not shed or tear when using them. They are thick enough that you only need to use one pad unlike some other brands that you need to use more than one to keep it from not leaking. They are not a perfect circle pad either they are more of an oval and are very big which helps a lot. I am very impressed with these and will buy them again. I highly recommend them for people to try.



My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.


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