My dog is already potty trained, but I wanted to try the Potty Training Jingle Doorbell, to see if he would still use it to let us know when he has to go to the bathroom. There is a total of 6 bells attached to it that ring pretty loud. The rope has a handle on the end that you can hang it around a door nob handle. It is the color black/gray and has little foot prints all over it. The stitch is very durable on the rope and I didn’t see any loose ends. The bells are pretty loud so you will be able to hear them go off. The only thing that we noticed when trying this out was that our cats, played with it more than the dog. I would hear it going off and look over and it was the cats making it go off. So if you have cats it may not work as well as it is suppose to. They come with a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the product. Overall it is very nice and durable. Even if your dog doesn’t use it, I am sure there are many other uses for it, such as Santa’s sleigh.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.



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