If you are like me and usually forget to take your pills, then you are going to want one of the Printing Weekly Medicine Reminder Tablet Plastic Pill Box Dispensers Sorter 28 Compartments. It holds your pills from Monday through Sunday and has Morning, noon, night and a back up spot for each day. Morning pills are in the yellow containers, Noon pills are in the blue containers, Night are in the purple containers and then you can put your back up ones in the bottom row and that is the color pink. what I also like about this pill containers is the lids snap very firmly so you can turn it upside down or toss it around and they do not open, they even make a snap noise so you know they are closed. It is also very light weight. The space for your pills is also very deep so can hold many pills in it. The container can easily slide into your purse or bag with no trouble at all. I decided to use the container a little different, Since I only take my pills in the morning I decided to use it as a monthly pill container. I used those yard sale round stickers and placed them on the lids and numbered them. I will be a little short for some months but that is okay. This works a lot better for me, this way I can see when I need to reorder my pills or even when I forgot to take them a day. I am in love with this container and so glad that I can now finally have somewhere to store my pills instead of the bottles.

My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.




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