Okay. let me start off by saying I do not need a bigger butt, but I could definitely use some firmness to it. I ordered Buy Natural Butt Enlargement Cream 6 oz Enhance Larger Buttocks Without Injections For a Natural Firm Shape to help firm my booty. You get a 60 day supply in a 6oz squeezable tube. It is just like applying normal lotion, but instead this one will help firm your butt. All the ingredients used to make the cream are 100% hormone free, this is the best natural way to enhance your butt without having to worry about negative side affects and all. The bottle says you can apply the cream to your butt area one to three times a day, I decided to apply it to me after I get out of the shower once a day. This is just a perfect time for me to be able to apply the cream, you do not need a lot it works just like other lotions, but doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. The cream its self has a slight smell, but is not strong at all. I haven’t really noticed a huge difference yet, but that maybe because I am only applying it once a day. I look forward to seeing results as I continue to use my butt enhancement cream.
I received this product for Free in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.



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