5 our of 5 stars
I am so in love with the Tritan Sports Water Bottle – iLOME 0.75L/25OZ Water Bottle with Straw Cap. As a teacher, I need a reusable water bottle, it just makes it easier, and it helps to remind me to drink. In the package you get the following:
* Water bottle and straw
* Cleaning brush
* Extra silicone nozzle
* Hook to attach to water bottle
* Instructions
The cup is a beautiful light blue color kinda like a glass look with a soft silicone suction nozzle to drink from, that is attached to a straw inside the bottle .You are able to use the bottle either with the straw or without. I like to use it with it. It is spill proof so if it gets knocked over no worry about ruining anything. To drink from the bottle just softly bite down onto the suction nozzle and sip the water from it. The bottle holds about 25oz of liquid. The measurements are right on the side of the bottle, makes it easier if you are keeping track of how much you drink. The water bottle is also dishwasher safe and is made of very durable BPA free plastic that is thicker than most water bottles, it comes with a cleaning brush to help clean the bottle if you are hand washing it and a smaller one to clean the brush. I really like that because that is the worst thing not being able to clean the bottle and straw. On the lid there is a handle that you can connect it to your bag or just hold it the handle with your finger. I am very happy with this water bottle, I love that it even comes with a replacement silicone nozzle. It is now my new favorite bottle and I won’t stop using it.
I received this product for free in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

Water Bottle.jpg


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