5 out of 5 stars
When it comes to a charcoal mask, I usually make my own homemade, but wanted to give a premade one a try. I ordered First Botany Activated Charcoal Mask, 8.8 fl oz container. It says it is best for facial treatments, reduces wrinkles, acne scars, blackheads and cellulite. It also helps to detox your skin and deep clean it, minimizing your pores. The mask comes in a little container with a screw on lid. When I first opened it the first thing I noticed was the color, it wasn’t as dark as most charcoal mask, it was more of a light grayish color. The mask was also very thin when I touched it, not as pasty as I thought it would be. So before I used the mask, I made sure to wash my face. As I was applying a thin layer to my face, I noticed it didn’t really have any smell to it unlike most facial mask, they usually smell fruity. I liked that there was no smell. After I applied a thin layer, I waited about 15 minutes thinking the mixture was suppose to harden onto my face but it didn’t. It is just a soft mask, no Harding to it. As I was washing it off my face, I could feel how smooth my skin was, and I just felt so refreshed. After it was fully washed off and my face was dry, I could see some noticeable changed, my pores were not as open, and my face just all together looked great, It didn’t leave my face looking read or anything. I really like this product and will use it before bed at least 3 times a week. If you love facial mask, you should definitely try this one, you will not be disappointed.
I received this product for free in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

Charcoal mask


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