5 out of 5 stars
MONOCO 5M 5050-RGR-12VDC-Controllable Safety Strip Tape.IP22 Flexible LED Strip Lights are very nice strip lights. In the package you get the following:
* 5M of LED light strip
* Power source
* Remote controller
* Instructions
On the back each one has 3m sticky tape backs to stick to any surface that is dry and flat. I like to wash my surface and dry it really good before applying the tape, I think it makes it stick better. Once your tape is in place, use the remote control to switch through the 16 different colors and the 4 modes that are included. I use to these around my bedroom instead of night lights, they are fun, colorful and just perfect for that. If you need a smaller piece of the led strip tape you are able to cut it at the cutting marks, I don’t like to cut mine, but some people do. They can basically be used anywhere, bedrooms, on back of a TV, stairs, porches basically anywhere you need some light, and that has a close outlet to plug them into. They are super easy to set up and use, they can be used by anyone. I am very happy with my led lights.
I received this product for Free in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

led lights.jpg


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