I was so excited, that I was chosen to host a  Free Healthy baby home party, hosted by Seventh Generation at https://generationgood.socialmedialink.com/ . The site is just like smiley360 but baby related. When you accept the mission, you are able to send your invitations right from one of the missions to your friends and family emails. It is super easy to do. It took a few weeks to get my package of party items, but once I did I got super excited. Inside the package was the following:

  • Instruction sheet
  • Bingo Game
  • Agenda Cards for everyone
  • What’s hiding in products info card for everyone
  • Bobble info card for everyone
  • Clean Trust cards for everyone
  • Bee info post card for everyone
  • Full size Pack of size 3 diapers
  • Full size Dish soap
  • Full size Bobble water bottle with filter
  • Full size wipes
  • Goody bags for guest
  • Samples of wipes (to give to guest in bag)
  • Samples of laundry soap (to give to guest in bag)
  • Samples of dish soap (to give to guest in bag)
  • Samples of Couch syrup (to give to guest in bag)
  • Flower Seeds (to give to guest in bag)
  • And much more

The party was a lot of fun. I invited a few family members over just to have some snacks and a good time. We talked about different seventh generation products and played the fun bingo game that was included. Everyone got to go home with a gift bag and samples to try. I really enjoyed hosting this party and am so glad I was picked to be able to. You get everything free to host the party, you do not need to purchase anything but some snacks for your guest.You should check the site out and try to host your own.  I will include a few photos below.

healthy baby home.jpg


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