4 out of 5 stars
I really like the Digital Scale, RISEPRO® Mini Pocket Scale Jewelry Kitchen. I needed a kitchen scale when I came across this one. This digital scale can be used basically for anything. It does require batteries, but they are included with the scale. What I also like is when you are not using the scale you can take out the batteries and put them in a little holder right above the battery compartment. It is extremely compact, comes in a case with lid, so you just open the lid to use it, then close the lid. I am in a program for weight loss surgery, so we need to be weighing our food to make sure we are getting the right amount, and this digital scale is perfect because I can carry it with me and weight my food or the go. The LED screen lights up blue and you can easily read the numbers that are displayed. When I first was looking at it, I happened to flip the digital scale over and then open the lid and the metal plate had fallen off the scale, it is only held on by two little strips of tape, so I pushed the metal plate down on it and it stuck again, just be careful when using the scale that it doesn’t fall off. It does have a tare button so you can use that if you are mixing different ingredients together but don’t want to do it separate, or tare out the weight of the cup/bowls you are using. I can’t weight to use this scale also to help me weigh my soaping products. I am overall extremely happy with this digital scale, and recommend it to everyone.
I received this product for Free in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.
Digital Scale

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