Have you ever gone camping and couldn’t find where you put the smores stuff?? Well with this Smore Tacklebox, you can keep everything in one handy spot. Soon as I came across this, I knew it was a must have for me. It arrived super quick and all in one piece, no having to put it together. The box is the color clear and orange and has a very large bottom compartment that is deeper and two smaller folding trays that unfold when you open the lid. The middle tray is a full tray and the top one is broken down into 3 smaller spots. The bottom is big enough to hold your graham crackers and marshmallows and the drawers can hold your chocolate and roasting sticks. It has a snapping lock on the front and the plastic of the box is super durable. What I really love about the box is that you don’t have to just use it for smores, it is a multipurpose box, You can use it for basically anything you need to keep together. I decided since I didn’t have any smores things at home, that I would use it to keep my diamond painting stuff together. It works very well to hold everything so when I am ready to do some diamond painting I just grab the toolbox and go.

You can buy your own here:

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Update To Blog

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I decided moving forward that I want to use this blog for a little more than just posting my reviews. So as 2019 is upon us, I will be posting updates on my weight loss journey, DIYs, Reviews, and just maybe some random helpful things. I want my blog to be my online journal, maybe I can reach out to people and help them.

I hope you all will continue to follow my journey with my blog, please share it with your friends and family. I look forward to seeing where 2019 as in store for me.

Thank you for a great 2018,


Travel Backgammon Set

My family and I love playing games together. We have never played Backgammon, so when I came across it, I knew I had to pick it up so we could try it. When it finally arrived in the mail, the first thing I noticed was how nicely it was packaged. It was packaged in a nice black box. The package includes:

* 1 game board

* 15 black pieces

* 15 white pieces

* 5 dice- 1 big one and 4 small ones

I opened the box and immediately removed the game. The game was rolled up and snapped closed on the front. The first thing I noticed about the game, was how tiny it was it. I loved it because it makes it super easy to travel with, but you could also just play it at home as well. The quality of the game was super nice, durable and thick. It is made of black leather and stitched very nicely together, there were no threads sticking out anywhere that I noticed. The game pieces feel like they are a thick metal material. The dice are very nice as well. The game board has an attachable/detachable side piece that holds the dice and game pieces. It just snaps right onto the board and zips closed. I really love how small and travelable this game is. You can carry it in your purse or bag, or just keep it in the car or at home. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves the game or enjoys playing games on the go. The only thing that I noticed with the game, was that when I opened it up it kept rolling back up from being rolled, so I rolled it the opposite way then placed it down and it lays flat. You may have to do this each time before playing the game so that it lays flat for you.

You can get your own copy of the game here:


The Colorbags- Small bags Lavendar

I may be weird, but I love shopping for trash bags because I am always trying to find nice quality trash bags that can be used in multiple ways. When I received my package with the trash bags in them, the first thing I noticed was that it was a pack of two boxes each including 35 bags for a grand total of 70 bags. Soon as I opened one of the boxes, I got this amazing lavender scent from them, I also saw that they were a beautiful classic purple color. The purple wasn’t too dark, you could still see through the trash bags. Also, inside the box was in a little-scented envelope of lavender to scent the bags and a nice thank you card from the seller. The trash bags were 4-gallon size, so not super tiny but not large either.

As much as I love having the trash bags scented, you can also use the little lavender envelope in so many other ways. You can keep it in the car, or your sock drawer. The scent seems to last a while, I’ve had them almost two weeks and still can smell the lavender from the envelope. They are definitely worth the price especially since you get 70- 4-gallon bags in the package. These trash bags would be perfect for anyone. They can be used in multiple ways such as keeping them in the car to throw away your trash, or in the diaper bag to throw away dirty diapers or even to store dirty clothing in when you are on the go with the baby/child. They work perfectly for a small bedroom trash can or even in the bathroom. Actually, they are perfect for the bathroom especially with the lavender scent they hold. I definitely recommend these trash bags to everyone! They are great quality, can hold a decent amount of trash and so far they haven’t torn at all on me.

You can Purchase your own FORID- Small Trash bags- classic purple and use the following code: 10CQEARC for an additional 10% off the product here on Amazon:


Wiz A19 Color Smart Light Bulbs-4pack

I got the Wiz A19 color smart light bulbs- 4 pack. They arrived in to separate box of 2 light bulbs each. The first thing I noticed about the light bulbs was that they do have some weight to them. They are a bit heavy, but super sturdy. Once I took the light bulbs out of the box, I inserted one into my bedroom light which is on my ceiling. In order to use the lights, you have to install the Wiz App, so I did that on my iPhone. I opened it up, set up my bedroom and tried to pair the light to the WiFi. At first I could not get it to pair, I tried 6 times and it wouldn’t connect at all. I gave up and tried the next morning and right away it paired up to my WiFi! I was super excited. so I started playing around with the light bulb, it has over 64,000 different color combinations you can use. It also has a bunch of premade settings up on the app as such as romance, winter, bedtime, waking up and much more. You can also change the brightness of the just the normal White color too. I decided I wanted to make it easier to use, so I enabled it with my Alexa. All I have to do is say “Alexa, Turn off/on the light” and she will do it. She can also change the color if I say “Alexa change the light to Blue”. The only thing I noticed is sometimes Alexa does get the colors off, like I asked her to change it to pink and she made it teal. But other than that I love being able to use Alexa with my new smart light bulbs! I would definitely recommend these to anyone, even if you do not have google home, or Alexa. You can still control them with the app right from your phone.


Luvabella Baby Doll

I received this super cute baby boy Luvabella, from FamilyRated for FREE to test out. They have tons of different ones to pick from, but we ended up getting the baby boy, which is awesome because we only have girl dolls so this is our first boy one. He comes with a bottle, pacifier, spoon and little toy sheep. He requires 4 C batteries that screw into the back of him. He is so awesome! He can giggle when you tickle his feet or belly. His hands, eyes, and head move all around. When you feed him, you have to burp him and he will burp and say excuse me. He has a switch you can change on the back of him and he will call you either mama or dada. If you hold his toy up to his mouth, he will repeat animal sounds and names. He drinks from his bottle and eats from his spoon. He will cry and you have to rock him to sleep. He snores when he is sleeping too, it’s the cutest thing ever. Maddie and I are so happy with him, we love him. She is always playing with him now. The only thing I find wrong with him is that he is pretty heavy for a little child to play with but other than that he is perfect.  #DiscoverLuvabella #FamilyRatedClub #AD


Pimple Pete

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Pimple Pete when I saw it first come out, but I was able to get the game FREE through FamilyRated, so decided to check it out. I played it with my sister and my niece who is 2 ½. She loved pulling the pimples out then would giggle if it sprayed on her. In the package you get, pimple Pete, a syringe, the base with the turner on it, and about 18 different pimples. The pimples range from 1 to 3 in points. The simple ones are 1 point than the harder ones are 3. And trust me they are tough to pull out! The set up of the game is really easy, you just pop the pimples into Pete’s face, then attach Pete to the stand, Fill the syringe with water up to the fill line, then you want to pull back on the lock behind Pete’s head and place the syringe in the holding camper, then press the little red button to lock it into place and you are ready to go! I would say set up took less than minutes, super quick. The quality of the plastic is super nice, it is made of a thicker plastic and will not break easily. Overall, it is a great game for the whole family to play and have fun with, you don’t even really need to keep track of points, you can just have fun trying not to pop a pimple! I would definitely recommend this to anyone! #pimplepete #FamilyRatedClub #AD


iPhone Lightning Flash Drive 32GB

I am loving this, it helps me keep track of all my pictures and videos on my phone, to save space on my actual phone. When you first get it and plug it into your phone, an app called witstick will pop up, you have to download the app in order to use the device. It has super-fast transfer speed from your phone to the computer. I got the gray, 32g one and I am loving it. I no longer have to worry about running out of memory on my phone, it is great. The only thing I would change is the length of it, it is super short so you have to keep everything really close.

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** My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

IPhone Memory Card Reader

I was so excited to get this device for my iPhone, but that slowly turned into disappointment. First of all, it does stay into the phone, it falls out, so you literally have to hold it into place while trying to read the card. It works well if you do feel like holding it in the whole time so that it doesn’t fall out. It is a rose gold color which is very pretty, it has a nice keychain loop on it so you can put it on your keys or wherever to keep it close to you. Also in order to use this, you do have to download the witstick app, or it will not work. So overall, it works, but they need to figure out how to get it to stay in the iPhone so you do not have to hold it in place the whole time.

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** My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.

6PCS Magic Headband Sweatband Seamless Bandana

These bandana headbands are super cool! You get 6 different designs in one package. There is over like 15 ways to wear the headband. All it is is a piece of cloth sewed together on the sides and you wear it basically any way you want. They are a silky soft material. You can wash them if they get dirty, they won’t ruin. They do tend to slip off my head a bit, but I just use bobby pins to keep them attached, so they don’t slide.

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** My review is 100% honest and unbiased. All opinions are my own.